Mission Statement

The Hitting Zone Baseball Bible’s mission is to obey the great commission as stated in the Holy Bible in Mathew 28:19 “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit”.



The Hitting Zone Baseball Bible (HZBB) was established in 2016 as an idea from Dave Kent, former NY Yankee player and current owner of The Hitting Zone of Tampa, FL. Dave Kent came to know the LORD after a social life of adventure as a young baseball player that was not fulfilling. After accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, he focused on establishing The Hitting Zone to bring his experience and knowledge of proper hitting skills to many young people who love America's favorite pastime, baseball.

Dave realized that he has spent a significant portion of his life developing the physical skills and techniques of young high school, college and even adult baseball players and has ignored development of the "spiritual" side of a player's character. The idea of a BASEBALL BIBLE came out of Dave's idea that developing the "total" baseball player by addressing a player's spiritual growth as well as his/her physical growth is a way to develop the complete baseball player.


Vision & Objectives

The Hitting Zone Baseball Bible (HZBB), the company intends, during 2016, to raise donations from organizations and individuals who believe in providing "FREE" copies of the bible to young baseball players to foster development of their character with the possibility of leading young players to Christ. This is the company’s mission. It is HZBB’s intention to continue to expand donation levels and to reach more youth through the provision of copies of the Baseball Bible.

HZBB will publish the BASEBALL BIBLE in English and Spanish to support both Christian and non-Christian organizations that conduct baseball camps, baseball mission trips or are high schools and colleges who believe top-quality professional baseball player development is not merely development of physical skills. HZBB intends to provide baseball coaches, pastors, and mission staffs with BASEBALL BIBLES to aid in the development of the character, morals, and integrity of players.

We believe that the Baseball Bible is a unique and compelling way to reach youth with the Gospel and connect them with the church and Christianity today. The combination of favorite scripture verses and baseball tips from professional and collegiate players and coaches along with the New Testament is a great way to connect them with Christ.

Hitting Zone Baseball Bible Target Market

Initially, the company will focus marketing to Christian organizations that see the value of including the Baseball Bible in a physical and spiritual development program for their players.

The Target Markets for the Baseball Bible publications of the Spanish and English versions of the Baseball Bible will be:

    • Churches with baseball programs (Example: Idlewild Baptist Church, Lutz, FL)

    • Vacation Bible Schools with baseball programs

    • Score International (sponsors baseball mission trips to the Dominican Republic)

    • Baseball Mission Trips (US and Latin American Countries)

    • Christian Colleges

    • Christian Preparatory Schools

    • Home Schooling Organizations

    • Home Schooling Parents

The  Hitting Zone Baseball Bible, Inc. will seek donations from the above groups in exchange for a given number of bibles.